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 Aetek Timbex is India's leading expert in naturally grown South-East Asian Teak.


We are highly committed to providing discerning users all over the world with the highest quality of Teak. Our stringent quality checks and timely delivery of natural Teak has made us one of the largest Indian exporters of Teak products like FEQ teak Lumber, Teak Decking, Solid Wood Flooring, Teak Panels, Teak Veneers, Teak boards etc.

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Set up in 1999, Aetek Timbex has one core ideal - deliver only the highest quality teak products all over the world. One such project is the restoration of famous 18th century Ship of the England Royal Navy, HMS Victory, famous for it's role in the Battle of Trafalgar. Aetek had supplied approximately 120 cmt of teak for the restoration of the HMS Victory's Hull. The now restored Ship is docked in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and is part of a living museum, while simultaneously serving as the the Flagship of the First Sea Lord.


Our reach across the world

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Aetek's customers are all over the world - from USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Finland, France, Spain,  Turkey, Holland, New Zealand, Oman, Kuwait, Greece to Egypt and others countries. Our Major Customers are the Boat Building Industry, Major Importers supplying to Luxury Yacht Manufacturers, Boat Builders, Cruise Ship Builders, House Builders, Furniture Manufacturers, Interior and Architectural Firms and more.

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