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FEQ Teak Lumber

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     Aetek Timbex's top product is FEQ (First European Quality) Teak. A FEQ teak is the highest graded wood within teak. With no knots, cracks, sapwood or insect or worm holes, it is effectively used in boat building industry, luxury homes, furniture etc. all over the world.

      Our FEQ Teak is dried either naturally - Air Dried(AD) or by means of a Klin (Kiln Dried - KD) to ensure that it is in equilibrium with its surroundings and to prevent unequal shrinkage in the wood.

        Aetek's FEQ Teak is available as either Teak Boards or Teak Scantlings / Strips.


Here are some wide range of options from :


  • Rough and Random Sawn - The Lumber is sawn roughly and inconsistently.

  • Quarter on face but Rough on sawn - A log is sawn radially into quarters and then boards

  • S4S (Surface Four Sides) Machined Profile - the material is finished on all four sides, planed smooth.

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FEQ Teak Lumber Product Gallery

Thickness : 1" (4/4), 1.25" (5/4), 1.5" (6/4), 2" (8/4), 2.5" (10/4)

Width : 3", 4", 5", 6", up avg 8"

Length : 3' to 5.5', 6' up, 8' up & 10' up 

Or any size as required

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