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Teak Decking


         Teak is considered the gold standard  of quality when it comes to a 'traditional' deck - be it for houseboats, motorboats yatch, passenger ships, cruise ships etc. Despite many advances in technology and cheaper alternatives available, there is no other alternative that is as lauded as mature, genuine teak.

        Our Teak is almost unparalleled when it comes to durability, work-ability and resistance to harsh climates and a non-skid/non-slip surface making it ideal for decking and other wet floors like swimming pools etc.

     Our natural Teak is one of the highest quality teak deckings, with consistent colour and grain patterns, ideal for the marine industry. Here are some of the options we provide for teak decking.

  • Rough Sawn - The Lumber is sawn roughly and inconsistently.

  • S4S (Surface Four Sides) Machined Profile - the material is finished on all four sides, planed smooth with or without caulking grooves.

Thickness : 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"(4/4), 1.25"(5/4), 1.5"(6/4), 2"(8/4), 2.5"(10/4)

Width : 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6", up avg 8"
Length : 6' up, 8' up & 10' up 
Or any size as required
22 mm x 96 mm x 1.2 mm or up
Or any size as required

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